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Business Success is Built on RelationshipsBy Lydia RamseyThere is no time like the end of  ,burberry hobo bagburberry hand bag the old year and the start of thenew to assess your goals and make specific plans for growing yourbusiness. One of the most effective ways to assure that you maintainyour current client base while attracting new ones is to focus onbuilding relationships. That is,burberry online canada, after all,burberry sunglasses 2011, the basis of successfulbusiness.All things being equal, people tend to do business with people theylike. And all things not being equal, people tend to do business withpeople they like.You  burberry shoulder bags can have a superior product, a great price and state-of-the-artsystems, but if you don't treat your customers with courtesy andrespect, you will eventually lose them to someone who does. If youare not available to your customers,burberry belts for women, you will eventually lose them tosomeone who is.In today's highly technological world, it is all too easy to lose thehuman touch and personal contact. E-mail and voice mail are two ofthe culprits that have robbed us of that individual connection,burberry handbags nordstrom, and
they have done it in the name of efficiency. While both save timeand money in the workplace, it is all too easy to use them as oursole means of communication. Neither one should be a substitute fortalking to or meeting face-to-face with clients and colleagues.Use your e-mail to exchange information, but don't use it when youneed to discuss issues or negotiate deals. In  authentic burberry bag spite of all the cuteways to show emotion on  ladies handbags the Internet, smiley faces and the likesimply cannot convey accurately what the sender is feeling. You needto hear with your ears what your  burberry shoulder bag client is saying.Voice mail messages are often  burberry baby bag more accurate than the receptionist whotries to summarize what the caller said, but they were not intendedas a replacement for talking directly with others. Don't hide behindyour voice mail, or use it primarily as a way of screening yourcalls. If you never answer your phone during business hours,burberry online singapore, peoplewill soon catch on and call someone who will talk to them.Truly successful people are never too busy for personal contact with
clients and coworkers. All the timesaving technology available willbe totally useless if there is no one to communicate with.
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